Our fundaments consist of quality delivery, flexibility and the creation of trust with our partners.

  • Service

    We offer tailored customer solutions and services adapted to your needs. Thanks to our experience across the whole supply chain we are able to deliver a large portfolio of logistics services in a highly flexible and efficient way. This allows our customers to focus on their core activities.

    Our family culture and flat organization guarantees a fast decision cycle.

  • Integrity

    The values of Moriau Warehouse & Services have been praised across our business partners and form the fundament of our historical and future service offerings. Our team guarantees respect, loyalty and devotion. Our employees respect and live our company’s values in their day-to-day activities and we propose an honest, reliable and open communication across our partners with the aim of being the preferred long-term partner.    

  • Experience / Expertise

    Thanks to our long and vast experience in the logistical sector we are able to offer a portfolio of personalized solutions with a strong focus on cost optimization. We offer strategic solutions and insights to our business partners. Our advice leads to optimization of our customer’s logistical processes.

  • Financial Soundness

    Moriau Warehousing & Services is characterized by a strong financial independence allowing the offering of a swift solutions and efficient processes to our partners. The financial soundness allows us to grow together with our partners and positions us to deliver long-term solutions.