We offer a vast portfolio of 33.000 m² highly flexible logistical capacity spread over 2 sites with expansion opportunities. Our warehouses have flexible heights ranging from 3 to 10 meter and are equipped with sprinkler systems. Moriau Warehousing & Services develops logistical solutions customized upon your needs. Moriau Warehousing & Services offers individual and multi-user storage capacity with a large variety of storage systems and applications. Each of our sites offer substantial expansion and overflow capacities. As we are owner of the sites each of the warehouses can be customized to your personal requirements.


Our offered services consist of:


Inflow of goods


The management of incoming flows from order acceptation to storage of the goods, including:

-  reception of goods

-  quality control

-  scanning and storage




Storage is performed in line with product specific characteristics, which includes following activities:

- cycle counts including detailed reporting / annual inventory in accordance with the client

- management of master data

- status management at unit and piece level

- WMS allows tracing at product serial number


Outflow of goods


Outbound flows are managed per client's specifications:

- single level picking according to client orders & replenishment picking in full loads


 Our multi-user storage capacities enable market leading efficiency and flexibility. All warehouses operate with standardized procedures and we strive to deliver the highest quality service. Our Grimde Warehouse is ISO9001 certified. We operate following the warehouse management system technologies per the standard of the industry. We offer customized storage technics with focus on flexibility. We store all goods per individual and customer adapted parameters within the legal and industry frameworks. Various storage techniques as pallet racking or block racking can be combined per the various industry requirements with the aim of providing a long-term flexible and efficient solution.


Our warehousing services focus on cost optimizations, optimal usage of inventory levels and complex management of goods, activities which fall outside the core task of your operations. Our expertise allows us to manage our warehouses in the most efficient manner thanks to the flexible storage approaches. As we manage your storage within the whole logistics chain we offer time efficiencies and create the opportunity for our business partners to focus on their core value adding activities.