Our value added services are a key component of the offering of integrated and customized supply chain solutions. Moriau Warehousing & Services opts for optimal integration of the value chain with the offering of services before, after and during transport and storage.


We offer with own trained personnel on-site services as unloading/loading, order picking and preparation of orders. We work with own personnel or with partners within a structural cooperation agreement, always aiming for the most optimal logistical chain for our customers.

We offer a broad range of process oriented series, these value added service include;


- real-time scanning of goods inflows and outflows

- (re)packing per volume and conditioning

- labelling

- quality control

- inventory management

- data exchange accross client's and haulier's platforms

- organization picking per client specifications 

- activity reporting

- declaration of goods

- transport in subcontracting

- document creation concerning transport and export requirements

- complaints handling


The total service is supported by a warehouse management system (WMS) which allow us to work at an efficient level.