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    Founding Transport by Joseph Moriau senior.

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    Establishment of professional transportation services company NV Vervoer Joseph Moriau by second generation.  The initial focus was oriented towards providing services linked to road transport of goods for major customers in the Tienen surroundings, Robert Bosch, Citrique Belge, Tiense Suikerraffinaderij and SES.  Thanks to the strong focus on service and reliability the company experienced a strong expansion in the road transport division and  simultaneously development a second business operation focusing on container transport.    

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    1970 - 1980

    The period between 1970 and 1980 represents the strategic differentiation period. The firm positions itself as the leading logistical player of the area and recognizes a steep growth curve. The successful strategy focusing on maximizing service delivery towards the customer pushes the further strategical differentiation and fuels the investments in warehousing facilities and related value added services.

    The strategic positioning allows the offering of fully integrated logistical solutions for its main customers Robert Bosch, Critique Belge and Tiense Suikerraffinaderij. Early 1970 the first site, site Slachthuisstraat, is acquired and the company develops itself as a full added value logistical player centralized across the company’s major customers.

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    1980 - 1990

    The company is in full expansion mode in the early 1980 and keeps on focusing on expanding its logistical service portfolio. The company builds thanks to its reputation of quality, service and reliability a new site in the industrial zone, site Industriepark.  This site of 18000  offers a totally integrated warehouse solution and is strategically situated next to its business partners. As of the mid 1980 the company specializes further in warehousing and added value services and divests its investments in goods and container transport services.

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    1990 - 2000

    Early 1990 is fully dedicated towards the further specialization in warehousing and value added services. The site Grimde is acquired with a 10000  capacity and is transformed up to quality label ISO9001 standards. Further investments are made at the site Industriepark with the build of a 750  office building and fully equipped production facility zones. These investments allow the offering of fully integrated logistical solutions to our business partners with the aim of maximizing efficiencies.    

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    2000 +

    At the start of the new millennium the third generation takes charge of the company. This generation follows through the expansion and specialization strategies in warehousing and value added services and Moriau Warehousing & Services remains representative for providing quality, service and reliability to its partners.  We think along with our customers, offer logistical solutions and aim to grow together as partners.